I have been asked a question from many people many times, why is it that I am working on conceptualization and visualization skills of kids, why not just vocational skills if one has to give them livelihood skills? so I tried answering the question here:

Why conceptualization skills to drishya kids?

I am not working on making these children work like a machine, which is without thinking. Machines cannot smile, wink, cry, feel pain, dream but all of us can. I am not considering these children different from us in terms of capabilities. the reason we are different from each other is not because of differences in capabilities but because we are not exposed to what they are exposed to (grim atmosphere, they live in a environment where they are deprived of many freedoms-to play, to make decisions, health, space etc.) and they are not exposed to the environment where we live where all our basic needs are fulfilled.
I am working to bring them to equality with us in terms of abilities of visualization and conceptualization, which they are very much capable of doing. By giving them only the vocational skill, I do not want to make them passive where someone else will use their conceptual powers and give the children work that is mindless.
I am trying to give something that will make them self-dependent, than rely on others for certain skills. Instead of empowering them with just techniques, I am incorporating conceptualization and visualization skills so that they can make their own decisions, discuss, question, decide when they are working.