Monday, September 27, 2010

bags in progress

Kids told me that they want to make a bag for themselves as they need a bag to carry their things to school or otherwise. I was looking at different kinds of bags they can make like a bag with a belt or bag like folder. Then I thought it would be nicer if they have a bigger bag so they can carry their books as well in that bag. I thought it would be nice to use their old sketches from previous activities.
I chose the activities of finding "things in pairs" and "first thing they touched in the morning" that I had done with younger group, some of the kids had already done this activity so they started making their bags by taking the visual from this activity (they tool top and thread, radio) others quickly drew 5 ideas for things found in pairs, chose one that they like the most and started making bags (pairs like stove and gas cylinder, kite and spool, foot and slippers, scissors and fabric came out) they made bags in the shape of cylinder with stove attached, top, kite, water “matka”. They used only patchwork to stitch their bags. I told them to choose fabrics which are printed and embroidered and combine them together to make their bag. This will reduce their work of embroidering on it. They will just have to stitch patches together.

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